Wednesday, June 01, 2005


"Irony is a beautifully chaotic beast that binds itself in our words and deeds and wrests our minds unto the point of epiphany."- Olu Burrell

I created that statement on yesterday when an associate of mine, whom had recently elected to forego our friendship, provided a point of logic behind her reasoning. Her response was as follows:

" 'it's sort of a self-preservation thing, you see. ~Love, Actually' "

This irritated me and pulled me in different directions.

Part of me scoffed at using a line from a movie instead of using one's own words. It was so impersonal, and yet the situation was anything but. I wanted to be spiteful in my speak in measured tones that echoed my frustration.

Part of me was angry, but it would be a fruitless anger, so I let it go.

Part of me laughed.

Part of me didn't care.

But another part of me wondered why I cared so much.

All of me was inspired. To write, no less.

The lightbulb that signified eureka went out when the filaments, -pardon me, feelaments, shorted out.

Be prepared to witness the muted cacophany that is genious.

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