Monday, June 27, 2005


her smile was disarming
unprepared, I
told myself to be charming
after all, what's the harm in-
making me happy,
but to my heart it was alarming
wasn't prepared for this road to the light
got so comfortable in my relation to the night
that I blinked,
began to think,
'tried to make it right
turned my head, focused my eyes,
the feelings I tried to fight
fate had me at 1st runner-up,
but I won in the sun,
-love at 2nd sight.


Stimp said...

Hey Mr. Olu [said in that deep baritone voice you sometimes use] This is Sheba's friend, the one from Subway...anyway

I wish that you wrote in this everyday...well at least the days when I am bored @ work with nothing to do. I absolutely LOVE all of your work that I've heard/read. You are so talented it's amazing. Keep up the good work and keep it coming.

jameil1922 said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!! i'm just reading this and its may 06. (geez! already?!) anyway. stumbled on it and it perfectly describes me and the b.f. except it wasn't love on 2nd sight. more like one million, 232nd sight but that made it all the more special.