Friday, May 27, 2005

Too Good to Be True...

How do you treat someone who is too good to be true? I have pondered over this question for some time now. The reason why it has been difficult finding an appropriate answer to this question is because of the way that such a statement impacts the one who speaks it, as well as the one who is being bestowed with such a "compliment."

There is fear present in that statement. It is carefully hidden behind revelation, nestled in the corner of hope. The person who says it is admitting more than just "I think you're the greatest," but there is also a measure of "I don't have much experience with someone as (good) as you," and a smidgen of "Please don't hurt me."

We tend to get caught up in the greatness that people are capable of and become overwhelmed by their seemingly unerring ways. He/She always says the right things; He/She is incredibly intuitive; He/She is caring, loving, intelligent, witty and beyond all that...they put up with you! They love your erratic and boldly different ways and they are fine with it! Is that not amazing? When we stand in awe of the tolerance that some people seem to have, admiration undoubtedly accompanies it. But then we wonder to ourselves..."why me?"

Of everyone in the world, why am I chosen? Maybe he/she hasn't quite experienced me the way I know I am/can be. There has to be something else going on. I'm bound to be hurt by her/him. This just know the rest. Insert doubt [here].

That is what becomes of the brokenhearted- the ones that began starving their dreams and feeding their reality. They forget about the possibilities, possibly. So what do they do? THEY PUSH AWAY.

The deeper you go in love, it seems, the farther we have to fall out of it. Some of us rather cut it off on OUR terms than to become horribly disappointed by the surfacing human tendencies of our self-appointed demi-God. So we tell them things aren't working out. We tell them that we weren't as ready for a relationship as we thought we were. We tell them "It's not you; its me." And they buy it. Either that, or they shrug like they've heard it all before -because they HAVE. All they wanted was to be happy and make us happy. They were content in the present and would've lost serious money if they would've bet on the future. All they wanted was to love you. All they wanted was for things to change for the better. All I wanted was to bring chivalry back. All I wanted was to be different; to show you that I could love you the way you wanted to be, deserved to be, needed to be, -but you couldnt extend that same love to me. I had no alterior motives, just interior motivation...I, I...

've been "too good to be true" too often for my own good.

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