Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Meaning of Sacrifice

Those who know me know that I proudly wear my heart on my sleeve.  The love I have for my wife is unparalleled and I would do anything for her. With that being said, this story that I heard today on The Today Show was incredibly powerful:

As I watched the story, I became very aware of the frailty of life; the precious moments that we have which can easily be wrenched from our grasp through no effort or want of our own.  I thought about what went through his mind as he instinctively swerved the car so that he could bear the brunt of the impact; sparing his wife and unborn child and I thought about what he could not have possibly thought about in that split second- absence.

I'm pretty sure he had already discussed a list of names with his wife; one column of boys' names slightly longer as he dreamed of holding his child and promising the world to the curious eyes and the tiny outstretched hands that reached for the harbor of his face.  He would never have that.  His child will grow up knowing that his/her daddy gave up everything for the promise that lay in the two most important people in his life and, if given a second opportunity, he would gladly do it again.   Brian Wood made the ultimate sacrifice; committed the greatest act of selflessness that one could do.  What does this teach us?  Many things:

1. Love not only conquers, but covers all.
2. Giving your all is not an exercise in futility, but in humility.
3. Sacrifice is not calculated or coordinated; it's committed.

When you learn the meaning of sacrifice, you learn that your life is not your own and the decision to save a loved one is instinctual.

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