Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember Love...

We remember because it never left
We never knew the burden of its weight, its heft
Because it hardly weighs anything
It's light as a feather
Like the soles of my soul when I met her and
Subsequently being introduced to "forever"
-I can never forget her.

She said "Hi" to me and I was complete
Steadily staring at but the outline of her silhouette
While my heartbeats played a game of
"Percussion" roulette
Beating and risking their existence on a bet-

-Bet that I can make you happy
-Bet that I can bring you joy
-Bet that our daughter will have her mother's smile
-Bet his father's words will be in our little boy
-Bet that if you take this chance
And take my number in this moment

That in a few years or so we'll make the future a reality
And this "love" that we remember
Will be permanent.

We remember...
Because it's all around
Enveloping and developing us
Into light...

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