Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Moral to the Story Is...

she thought she could love him
and life could go on
-but she couldn't do both-
words became fugitives in her heart
but were caught in her throat
-escorted back to where they belong
Because she's been waiting so long
that longing becomes her substitute for love

she confuses hope with dedication
and searches for compassion in his passion
but all she finds is
his corralled kisses, arranged in their pecking order

she seeks to siphon affection
but he's rationed misdirection
her heart is an open wound
-vulnerable to infection

and she doesn't see her destiny unfold
-that she's bound to spin out of control
unless she regains her pride
and realizes that he doesn't validate her

she's queasy inside;
she ashamed of the fact that
she lets him in so easily inside
she's trying to wean away
so she takes it in stride
in her journal and tissues
does she confide

swears him off
"for the last and final time!" she screams
but in reality her closure wouldn't be what it seems
she tried to act indifferent
but he knew they were scenes
he bided his time,
until she was about to burst at the seams
then he struck her with the "don't you miss me?" line
and she found her feelings stuck in rewind
she thought that she'd be able to resist his ways
but she would choose a known devil
over a foreign angel
because she preferred familiar frays

so the man who would complete her
was left out in the cold
he tried to embrace her
but she was under someone else's hold
so he became frustrated
and wondered why this was happening to him
he feared that she would leave
if he went out on a limb
"but she's not here to begin with,"
he reasoned in his mind
"she'd rather he make her his fool,
than for me to make her mine."
so he gave up and walked his own path
to embrace his destiny
while she gave up her chance at true love
for a lover who embraced apathy

they began to fuss and fight
she spent days looking in his face
hoping to see Mr. Right
'til the day he hit her and she left
and after time passed
she wondered if he even missed her right
because in hindsight, now that she thought about it
- he never quite kissed her right-
something was there all along;
lying just beneath the surface:
she had made the mistake of burying her love
before making sure that
she could unearth HIS.

1 comment:

poetic_me (Kai) said...

Damn...I feel like this was about me! Brother u r the truth with words and seeing to how i love words...
we might have been somethin in another lifetime...
cuz seein somebody write like i can is like a lifeline
and I wasnt even tryin to write a piece but words got they own time....
Thank u Mr.Olu for ure beautiful combo of words-
you can put a pen to my notebook on any day or i can put mine to ures if u'd prefer
cuz poetically ure sublime
and because of wordsmiths like u i keep a pen in my right hand so i can write at ANY time!
u r the truth!
just giving props to a fellow Bison...i need to know people like u know of any cipher spots in DC by any chance?